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This date does not differ much fromthat found by Robert Brown, from the position of thecelestial equator among the stars, as described byArat. Please note that these images are extracted from scanned page images that may have been digitally enhanced for readability - coloration and appearance of these illustrations may not perfectly resemble the original work.

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Hawkman: Sheyera, I am sorry. I failed you. I did not mean foro this to happen. Forgive me. I swear, I will avenge you, my love. I will kill the Rannians who killed you. I will defeat them, end this war, and end all of the bloodshed. I will avenge you, my love.

You have my word. Hawkman: You come to offer your condolences? You are the one who supports those who killed her! You dare try and act nice around me! Adam Strange: I do not support this war. I offer my condolences, yet he seems to pained to act with reason. A hand pushes down my guns. Black Canary: Exactly. This is not the path Sheyera would have you take, Katar. Calm down.

Strange is working to peacefully resolve the conflict. He wants no more bloodshed than you. Plastic Man: Yea, come on guys. This is a solemn precession.

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It was decided to keep it as is, we lost 4 members on this lead. It was determined to be too great a risk. Black Canary: No. Oh god, no! I swear. Justice League: Downfall is a new series on my stream set in the future of the Starconyxverse. It will be a long event, with a lot of stuff to cover, and will lead into some follow-up stories. I hope you all enjpoy it!

Also, sorry for the crappy picture, I had to move my nice photo set-up temporarily. See ya guys later! Nothing's fixed. Not even a fixed star.

I found the template for this image here. Print Shop Twitter Facebook.

The pattern reflects numerous motions of the spacecraft, including its orbit around Earth, the precession of its orbital plane, the manner in which the LAT nods north and south on alternate orbits, and more. The movie renders Vela's position in a fisheye perspective, where the middle of the pattern corresponds to the central and most sensitive portion of the LAT's field of view.

The edge of the pattern is 90 degrees away from the center and well beyond what scientists regard as the effective limit of the LAT's vision. Better knowledge of how the LAT's sensitivity changes across its field of view helps Fermi scientists better understand both the instrument and the data it returns. Download video in HD formats: svs. Watch this video on YouTube: youtu. NASA's Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope orbits our planet every 95 minutes, building up increasingly deeper views of the universe with every circuit.

Its wide-eyed Large Area Telescope LAT sweeps across the entire sky every three hours, capturing the highest-energy form of light -- gamma rays -- from sources across the universe. These range from supermassive black holes billions of light-years away to intriguing objects in our own galaxy, such as X-ray binaries, supernova remnants and pulsars. Now a Fermi scientist has transformed LAT data of a famous pulsar into a mesmerizing movie that visually encapsulates the spacecraft's complex motion.

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Holy Week in Seville - Semana Santa de Sevilla is one of the most important traditional events of the city and also the most important Holy Week in Spain. It is celebrated in the week leading up to Easter Holy Week among Christians , and is one of the better known religious events within Spain. This week features the procession of pasos, floats of lifelike wooden sculptures of individual scenes of the events of the Passion, or images of the Virgin Mary showing grief for the torture and killing of her Son.

Some of the sculptures are of great antiquity and are considered artistic masterpieces, as well as being culturally and spiritually important to the local Catholic population. During Holy Week, the city is crowded with residents and visitors, drawn by the spectacle and atmosphere. The impact is particularly strong for the Catholic community. During the processions, members precede the pasos of which there are up to three in each procession dressed in penitential robes, and, with few exceptions, hoods. They may also be accompanied by brass bands.

The processions work along a designated route from their home churches and chapels to the Cathedral, usually via a central viewing area and back. The ones from the suburban barrios may take 14 hours to return to their home churches. The processions continue from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday morning. From Wikipedia. Yesterday bad weather should have been the day the stones line up with the sun as they did when Stonehenge was built, since precession causes a shift that takes 26 years for the Earth's axis to get back to where it started.

Sometimes celestial bodies do align, the Red-tailed hawk is in ascendance with the moon in precession, and both are at least partly in focus! Quite like this one. An example of a megalithic passage tomb mound, Newgrange was built between circa and BC, during the Neolithic period, in order to house the remains of the dead.

It has also been speculated that it had some form of religious significance, particularly in regards to an afterlife, because it is aligned with the rising sun on the winter solstice, which floods the tomb with light. Newgrange contains various examples of abstract Neolithic rock art carved onto it which provide decoration.

After its initial use as a tomb, the entrance to Newgrange was sealed and it remained closed for several millennia, subsequently gaining several associations in local folklore and mythology. It first began to be studied as a prehistoric monument by antiquarians in the seventeenth century AD, and over subsequent centuries various archaeological excavations took place at the site before it was largely restored to an interpretation of its original Neolithic appearance by conservators in the s. Today, Newgrange is a popular tourist site, and according to the archaeologist Colin Renfrew, is "unhesitatingly regarded by the prehistorian as the great national monument of Ireland" and is also widely recognised as one of the most important megalithic structures in Europe.

The Newgrange monument primarily comprises a large mound, built of alternating layers of earth and stones, with grass growing on top and a reconstructed facade of flattish white quartz stones studded at intervals with large rounded cobbles covering part of the circumference. The mound is 76 m ft across and 12 m 40 ft high, and covers 0. Within the mound is a chambered tomb passage, which can be accessed by an entrance on the south-eastern side of the monument.


The passage stretches for At the end of the passage are three small chambers off a larger central chamber, with a high corbelled vault roof; this cruciform design is common in Irish passage tombs. Each of the smaller chambers has a large flat "basin stone", which was where the bones of the dead were originally deposited. The walls of this passage are made up of large stone slabs, twenty-two of which are on the west side and twenty-one on the east, which average out at 1. The ceiling shows no evidence of smoke.

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Situated around the perimeter of the mound are located a circle of standing stones, which most archaeologists regard as having been later, during the Bronze Age, centuries after the original monument had been abandoned as a tomb. Once a year, at the winter solstice, the rising sun shines directly along the long passage into the chamber for about 17 minutes and illuminates the chamber floor. This alignment is too precise to be widely considered to be formed by chance. Professor M. O'Kelly was the first person in modern times to observe this event on December 21, The sun enters the passage through a specially contrived opening, known as a roofbox, directly above the main entrance.

grand raid des cathares / GRC 2017

Although solar alignments are not uncommon among passage graves, Newgrange is one of few to contain the additional roofbox feature. The alignment is such that although the roofbox is above the passage entrance, the light hits the floor of the inner chamber. Today the first light enters about four minutes after sunrise, but calculations based on the precession of the Earth show that 5, years ago first light would have entered exactly at sunrise.