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Second, we learned that multiplication, or even church planting itself, is not the goal. Church planting is secondary, and multiplication is just one of many strategies toward that end. As Acts shows, however, new churches should be a natural result.

2. He worked among them

Let me assure you that I am most assuredly still on the church multiplication bandwagon. I have just radically changed my methodology.

Third, we learned that multiplication is an incomplete and possibly deceptive barometer of success. Church after church that held multiplication as the primary measurable outcome often made decisions that unwittingly derailed the process.

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Many churches came back together again. Other churches multiplied several times, then stopped. Many leaders were overwhelmed after several years. You may argue they did not adequately think through their decisions or give themselves to the vision.

Paul the Church Planter – meslastcarjo.tk

True, but through reflection, we, fourth, learned that a primary focus on church planting leads to an unbalanced expression of the gospel. Where success did happen, we learned that leaders correctly focused on creating a new lifestyle, one that produced a powerful result.

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These three ingredients were the same influences we saw that caused churches we worked with to multiply naturally, rather than through a forced strategy. Finally, we learned that imparting a lifestyle to ordinary believers is much more difficult and time consuming than simply holding church multiplication training. He lives in Asia with his family.

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Join Join Today! Our church planters need us to be at the feet of Jesus. They need us to take time and draw near, to listen to the Holy Spirit and be led in prayer on their behalf. Our prayers are indispensable to their ministry. Charles Spurgeon was once asked the secret of his great success. We get distracted from the glorious grace-filled privilege of praying for our Christian leaders. Are we praying for our church planters? They need our prayers for oneness, for boldness, for protection, and for endurance. Church planting is a demanding job, and it is an ongoing temptation to become anxious and concerned for the many good things, rather than choosing the best.

The Cost For A Church Planter's Wife

God wants the church planter and the church planting team to be in close relationship with him. Everything that the new church accomplishes will come from that oneness with the Father. We need to pray for our church planters to abide in Christ, to know oneness with him through the Holy Spirit. To open the mouth is an idiom that means to communicate something gravely important.

Pray that the church planter would be given the time and space to feast heartily on the Word of God, so that he or she may proclaim it boldly out of a rested, nourished, and satisfied soul—not the weighty burdens of secondary matters Acts Church planters are under non-stop attack by the Enemy. This is true of the local flock as well.

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We shudder every time we read about a pastor who has been taken down by the Enemy. Unseen issues are often present: health, accusations, challenges which are financial, physical, emotional, relational, marital, and familial. Church planters often have young families, and a marginal income. Paul was an ambassador in literal chains. His prayer was that, in spite of his circumstances, in spite of the time commitment, in spite of the tears, he would continue to proclaim the Gospel tirelessly.

When Billy Graham was asked about the most important steps in preparing for an evangelistic outreach, he always answered that there were three things that mattered most: prayer, prayer and prayer. Prayer is the hardest activity in which to remain committed, when so many other important activities compete for our time and energy, yet it is also the most indispensable ingredient for church planting.