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Our Country’s Good

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Wischenbart, This led me to a completely different approach, namely to single out two of the main characters in the play and juxtapose them in terms of characterisation and character development. But before I turn to the full analysis of my central topic, I will clarify the exceedingly important role characterization plays in drama and define the different main concepts and techniques of it. The relevancy and great impact of the process of characterisation to the reader becomes clear when literature on the theory of drama is examined.

In his famous dictionary of literary terms, Chris Baldick defines characterisation in the following way Baldick, 34 :.

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Since E. Pfister distinguishes explicit-figural, implicit-figural, explicit-authorial and implicit- authorial characterisation techniques. Explicit-figural characterisation includes monological and dialogical self-commentary and outside-commentary in presence and in absence of the mentioned character. Implicit-figural characterisation techniques are only partially verbal. They refer to the appearance, behaviour of the character and the context in which it operates.

Another important aspect is the use and level of language. Explicit-authorial techniques refer to overt descriptions of the characters in the secondary text, such as stage directions and the dramatis personae. Authors can also use telling names to describe a character even before it enters the stage.

Finally, implicit-authorial characterisation techniques stress the contrasts and parallels between one figure at different times or different figures at one and the same time.

Our Country's Good by Timberlake Wertenbaker

Another application of implicit-authorial characterisation is the use of interpretative names , which can be distinguished from telling names by the fact that interpretative names accord with the conventions of real names and can be easily overseen by the reader. Ibsen's A Doll's House. A highly accessible guide to the play, taking you scene by scene through the action, analysing moment by moment what Chekhov's Three Sisters.

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